Thursday, November 12, 2009

Standing on the line...

I will admit it: I am a lurker. Not because I am shy or because what I have read isn't worthy of kind words. It's just that... I'm busy. Really busy.

I am a professional lurker
... looking to better manage my home
... looking for recipes that will solve the dinner drama
... looking for frugal ideas to live my wage

I created a blog to track my journey as a mom and wife, to track our move from across state, to track my personal growth, and all this to say that I found perfectionism kills. It kills motivation and follow through and clouds the mind of possibilities of what could rather than what is.

I decided to start over, to remove the old posts, to take it slow and create a fresh start. Here goes something, everything, a fresh start, a new path.


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  1. Oh Allie, perfectionism does kill but thank God for courage to embrace a new start. Sometimes, we have to draw the line and say that's good enough...and take it from there. Don't be too hard on you


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