Friday, April 9, 2010

Losing It - Just Checkin' In

Some days there are simply not enough hours to complete even HALF of my to do list. The past 10 days have included

*trip to ER for a dislocated elbow (2 year old SON, need I say more?)
*bandaids & lots & lots of ointment for a deep gash on a heel (again, 2 year old son...)
*bandaids & lots of TLC for a deep gash to a 2 month old's cheek (again, 2 year old son...)
*rain brought about life to weeds - 1/4 of an acre of 4 feet tall weeds!
*heat from the desert sun has brought death of weeds which brought to life SPIDER MITES - in my BEDROOM - OMGosh

Blood I can handle. Weeds I can deligate. But bugs? IN MY ROOM? No sir, I'm done for.

I was late to join in on the Losin' It party, and now I'm simply behind in my wrap up. Ridiculous. (Mary from Giving Up On Perfect, Jessie from Vanderbilt Wife, and Ashleigh from Heart and Home are hosting a challenge, a weight loss competition, a friendly healthy rally to lose the weight – once and for all!) I joined in to be involved to encourage and be encouraged.
My goals for the month of April include:
1) Completing 3 weekly training sessions for the Couch to 5K program: On track, but I'll need to repeat week 3 of the program as I'm struggling to push a jogging stroller filled to the brim with wiggly boys!
2) Getting into bed each week night by 10:30 pm: This has been working well, unless of course I'm at the ER or cleaning bugs!!!
3) Drinking water, lots of water, to the tune of 100 oz per day: Wow, this goal has been easier than I expected. My milk production had severly dropped with the start of the C25K program so kicking the water up a notch was neccessary and is working!
4) Counting calories daily and honestly to create a plan for May: I added the LoseIt! app to my phone to easily track the calories. I'm 5 for 7 days, a good start! I didn't track over the weekend. My hubby can't handle me meal planning (a HUGE pain, money waste, etc...) so I can't even remember what I ate or when I ate it on Saturday or Sunday...
5) Read my bible each day for 10 minutes: This one is the toughest for me. I have misplaced my Message bible and am NOT enjoying the NIV version. I feel like a child, unable to concentrate and last 10 minutes. 2 for 7 days. #fail
I lost another pound this week. That's motivation in itself to keep going. :)
Onward and up!

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  1. Oh Allie. I thought you were going to blame the weeds and spider mites on your 2 year old son too! lol

    Sounds like a rough week with an active 2 year old and yet you did so very well with another pound lost. Keep up the good work and I look forward to Friday's update. :)


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